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New York, NY

We offer bridal jewelry that is designed and made by me in my NYC studio. Our motto is chic style:: your own way. You can keep it simple or layer for maximum impact. It's all about how you want to wear our jewelry.

Five Years of Pink


News for Everistta fashion and bridal jewelry.

Five Years of Pink

Lindsay Van Cleave

Wow! So much has happened in five years and yet it feels like yesterday too. Thank you for supporting me the last five years. It means the world to me and supports an incredible cause - I truly enjoy connecting with my loyal customers each and every year. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

It's also inevitable that each year I hear someone new who is battling this disease. What  is so amazing though is the positivity and sheer will to not get knocked down. I saw first hand and what I see every single year is the strength and determination to fight back. It's not just those fighting who are incredibly brave, it's those that are standing by them as well. There is strength in being on the sidelines too.


Each year I choose to not focus on the scary and sadness that this disease can cause, but celebrate that inner spirit...that inner bravery. After a five year journey, I wanted to take a quick look back at all of the bracelets that have adorned mine and your wrists. All carefully chosen and made by hand.

Below are 2012 and 2013. The blush pink color Emmie (right) was the very first. I chose that color because it was a warm and fuzzy tone like a smile. The color reminded me of my Mom right away. Always smiling, always positive.  The pop of pink Emmie (left) was next. It was time to have a little fun. 


In 2014 I felt like there was too much "pink" every October so I wanted to create a chic and classy bracelet (left) that was a reminder, but a fantastic piece to wear every day. Hands down, still my favorite!

Then in 2015, I went a little simpler (right). I used a bead that was handblown glass made by a woman in Hawaii whom my husband and I met on our honeymoon right before my Mom passed away. 


Last year was another one of my favorites. It was my fifth bracelet and I wanted to throw caution out the window. I had so much fun making all of these personalized combinations. Each swarovski crystal represented someone special or a special date to each customer. Above all my Mom celebrated and loved her friends and family so this was perfect for year five. 


I'm sitting here impatiently waiting for my gemstones to arrive for the 2017 limited edition breast cancer bracelet so I can share it! It's still all in my head. Eek, I CAN'T wait to share it with you. I have to admit though, I was really stuck this year and then one word hit me. It was perfect. I'm bursting to share it! 

 My Grandmother with my Mom (left) and my Mom and I (right). 

My Grandmother with my Mom (left) and my Mom and I (right). 

As with all of my pieces, I am passionate about using high quality materials.  I worked really hard this year to price the materials just right, but not sacrifice quality. I make all of these bracelets to stack, so please wear them together!  This year's bracelet is $38. Get your Christmas list ready!

If you want to read more about my story, I wrote it down here

Thanks again and stay tuned!