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New York, NY

We offer bridal jewelry that is designed and made by me in my NYC studio. Our motto is chic style:: your own way. You can keep it simple or layer for maximum impact. It's all about how you want to wear our jewelry.

Glam Finds: Lovely Retro Renos


News for Everistta fashion and bridal jewelry.

Glam Finds: Lovely Retro Renos

Lindsay Van Cleave

It's Wedding Wednesday which means I'm bringing you a glam find to add to your wedding gift or anytime repertoire. I came across the loveliest state signs a few months ago through the Rising Tide Society. I fell in love immediately! I knew I had to share them. 

lovely retro reno image 1

Meet the Lady Behind These Fabulous State Signs

Say hello to Stefanie from Wisconsin. She's the dreamer behind these beautiful personalized signs. I asked her how she got into making these signs. Here's what she had to say,

"It actually started when I was painting furniture. I wanted to find a way to stand out in a sea of white painted dressers and came across a YouTube video about using napkins on wood and then roughing it up. I started doing that with furniture and then started trying all sorts of paper mediums. At the same time I started renting a booth at a nearby vintage/antique shop and I needed to fill it with more than just my furniture, so I started creating home decor. One thing led to another I had an "ah ha" moment and everything fell into place." 

How did you get your inspiration? 

"As far as my inspiration goes, I absolutely love flowers. It's pretty much my motto in life, this would be prettier if it had a flower on it." 

In honor of your state signs, what is your favorite state to travel to with your family?

"I live in Wisconsin and I love that we have all four seasons, but when it comes to places to travel my hubby has family in Hawaii and I never turn down a chance to get out there and visit!"

Ok I'm so jealous Stefanie! 

 Image Hannah Lane Photograhy

Image Hannah Lane Photograhy

Have you made all the states? Are you looking forward to a particular state?

I  haven't made all the states, but it is my goal! I am excited to get to Nevada. I just created a cacti print that I think will look pretty "snazzy" on Nevada!

Ooo, yes! I'm sold! 

Perfect Personalized Gift 

I'm just smitten over these state signs. They would be the cutest to gift at a bridal shower or a baby shower. Also, a unique way to show your state pride at your wedding reception. I'm going to need New York and Maryland! 

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