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New York, NY

We offer bridal jewelry that is designed and made by me in my NYC studio. Our motto is chic style:: your own way. You can keep it simple or layer for maximum impact. It's all about how you want to wear our jewelry.

Boudoir is not for ANYONE else. It's for YOU.


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Boudoir is not for ANYONE else. It's for YOU.

Lindsay Van Cleave

Empowering women through boudoir with Autumn Rudolph Photography 

If you are like me, you may be shy and unsure if a boudoir session is for you. I asked Autumn Rudolph who specializes in boudoir photography to break it down for us ladies. I love her nurturing, uplifting and empowering take on her boudoir sessions. 

What is boudoir? 

Well, if we want to get specific about definitions, it directly means “a woman's dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room” ( Boudoir photography is popularly seen as intimate photos of women, but it is so much more…

Feeling sexy in YOUR skin...

I have yet to meet any woman who feels that she is 100% confident and sexy every day. My passion for boudoir photography stemmed from my own insecurities. I have adult acne, some cellulite, and after being an athlete in my teen years; am not proud of the way my adult body lacks muscle. I know I’m not the only woman who pokes and prods at herself in the mirror sometimes, but through boudoir I can look at myself with a little more love and tenderness, and I want that for all women.

Empowering women and building confidence

For me, boudoir is not about the lingerie or simply photographing scantily clad women. I work extremely hard to provide an experience that is uplifting, empowering, and confidence boosting. I want to spread self-love like a wildfire. Boudoir is not strictly for the size 0’s; it is for every woman.

It’s for the divorcee who is starting a new chapter in life. The grandmother who looks dang good at 65, the mom who has given so much to her family that it’s time she does something for herself, the bride who has been working so hard on getting “wedding ready” that wants to take 1 last opportunity to pamper herself (and maybe give a sexy little gift to her fiancé), it’s for the plus size woman who wants to celebrate her curves.  90% of all those little things we think in our own heads that make us “not sexy” or make us feel “less-than” (like the cellulite and stretch marks) can be taken care of with the right outfits and the right posing.

Looking at her boudoir photos, she had never felt more beautiful

One of my clients cried during her viewing session. She said day to day she feels ok. She’s a single mom and grandmother. She’ll look in the mirror, feel pretty good, go to take a selfie and it was like looking in a fun-house mirror; but looking at her boudoir photos she had never felt more beautiful. She felt nervous at the beginning of her shoot, but by the end, draped in a simple white sheet, she felt like a Nubian princess. 

It’s crap that women constantly put themselves down and feel the need to compete with society. You do not need to lose 5, 10, 15 pounds to have a boudoir shoot. You don’t need to go back the gym for 6 months first, and you don’t need to have a spouse or significant other to do this. Boudoir is not for anyone else. It’s for you.

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